May 20, 2022
Yale Smart Lock

Smartlocks Reviews 2021 : Yale Nesting Lock

Yale is one of the most famous lock manufacturers in the world, with a rich history stretching all the way back to the early 1800s. The pin tumbler lock, now known as the Yale Smart Lock, is credited to its creator. While it continues to sell standard locks, the company also offers smart locks that are packed with capabilities to help you beef up your home’s security.

Yale smart locks are among the best on the market today, allowing you to answer the door remotely, grant visitors entry without using a key, and automatically unlock the door as you approach. Its lock alternatives are simple to install and operate, and August offers an app that notifies users when the door is correctly closed.

Yale smart locks are suitable for consumers looking to boost front door security by removing the need to provide additional keys to family, friends, or employees. Additionally, you’ll need to be comfortable utilizing a smartphone app to take full benefit of what these locks have to offer.


What to consider when buying a Yale Smart Lock?

The advantages of Yale smart locks are what consumers should consider before making a purchase decision. After all, having a lock with a keypad, a remote, or simply one that connects to a cell phone is not the same thing. Let’s have a look at them in greater detail below via these reviews.


Unusual & Sturdy Design

In terms of design, the firm has made an effort to create models that are accessible to anyone like the Yale smart lock with key, yale wifi lock etc. Certain gadgets, such as Yale smart door locks, have a more classic appearance and operate by buttons rather than touchscreens.

However, those seeking more contemporary things will find illuminated keypads and strong designs in a variety of finishes.


ANSI Grade 2: Security Expertise

ANSI is a security criterion that indicates how secure a gadget is in terms of home security. Thus, the Yale smart lock is rated as a grade 2. Because the maximum is level 1, Yale smart lock with key or yale smart deadbolt does quite well in this department.


Automatic Lock: Simply Configure It

A timer can also be used to lock and open the door. For instance, the Yale Assure lock SL enables owners to specify a time period after which the door will automatically lock.

Additionally, one minute and five minutes are viable alternatives. This is an excellent advantage for individuals who frequently forget to do so while out.


Best Yale Smart Lock

Yale Nesting Lock

One of the most popular and feature-rich alternatives is the Nest x Yale lock, which not only functions as a smart lock but also integrates with Nest’s home automation network.

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The Nest Yale Lock features the following:

Yale smart door lock: With the Nest Yale lock, you may grant anyone access to your front door without providing them with a key, regardless of their location. Whether it’s your nanny or one of your children who forgot their after-school key, you can always allow entry via a smartphone.

Automatic lock and unlock: If desired, the Yale smart deadbolt may automatically unlock the door as you approach and automatically lock it as you exit. It makes use of the Bluetooth technology in your smartphone to determine when you’re on your way and when you’re departing.

Integration with Nest goods: This lock is compatible with all Nest devices, including the video doorbell, which complements your home automation system beautifully.

The Nest lock integrates with Google Assistant, allowing you to lock and unlock the door with your voice. Additionally, you may check to see if the door is locked by inquiring with the Google Assistant.You may configure the app to notify you whenever someone locks or unlocks the door, providing you with an ongoing record of who enters and exits the residence.

Tamper-proof: If someone attempts to remove the lock from your door or damages it in order to gain entry, you will be automatically notified.

You can issue a virtual key to a delivery person or anybody else who requires immediate entry to your home for a specified period of time.

If you leave your keys in the car, you won’t have to worry about entering the house. The Yale smart door lock does not require a key.

DIY installation: The Yale smart deadbolt replaces your existing deadbolt, and if you’re comfortable with DIY projects, installing this lock on your front door should be straightforward.


Pricing for Nest Yale Locks

Due to the fact that this particular lock is sold by a variety of different vendors, the price may vary. However, you can purchase it with or without Nest Connect. If you currently own a Nest system, there is no need to spend more money on redundant equipment. If you’re new to Nest, you must purchase the entire package.



The Nest Yale Lock is an excellent choice for households that already use or plan to use Nest. This Yale smart lock is compatible with any Nest device, which means it can be used in conjunction with a video doorbell and managed via the same app as a thermostat.

Simple installation: For smart lock installations, consumers rave about how simple the Nest Yale Lock is to install. If you run into any difficulties, Google provides a comprehensive walkthrough complete with images and videos, as well as an installation manual.



Not only is this product significantly more expensive than a standard lock, it is also more expensive than comparable locks such as August. Furthermore, this Yale smart lock is compatible only with Nest products.


SL Yale Assure smart lock

If you’re not a Nest user and are seeking for a Yale Smart Lock with more integration options, you’ve come to the right place. This lock enables you to use Alexa in conjunction with other smart home features already installed in your home. You’ll still receive fantastic features like remote door answering and auto lock, but because it works with the August app, you’ll also get DoorSense technology, which notifies you if your door wasn’t completely closed.

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This smart key option is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

24/7 activity log: You’ll be able to observe who entered your home and when within the app. Take a look at the complete day’s activity on your smartphone.



Price: Yale Assure smart lock is not inexpensive, and their high cost may deter budget-conscious clients.


The pricing of this Yale WiFi door lock is determined by the features you select. The touchscreen model costs between $149 and $279, while the keypad model costs roughly $20 less. While the Yale Assure Lock SL does not come with a backup key, other Assure smart locks do. If having a backup plan is critical to you, keep that in mind. Additionally, customers can select from a variety of finishes and door handles to suit their personal aesthetic choices. Similar to the Nest x Yale lock, installation is straightforward.



Whichever Yale WiFi door lock you choose, it will give additional security to your property. Knowing when and where individuals come and go, as well as the ability to allow access from anywhere in the world, adds convenience.

If you already have Nest installed and are a fan, the Nest x Yale lock is the ideal solution. If you’re already a fan of third-party devices such as Alexa or HomeKit, you’ll want to stick with the Assure line to get the most out of your smart lock. Both are wonderful options, and depending on your personal tastes, they may be worth the extra money to provide you with additional piece of mind.



How to install Yale smart lock?

Here is a Yale smart lock manual to guide you:


How to rekey Yale smart lock?

When you move into a new house it is very important to rekey. Here is a step-by-step guide:

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