May 20, 2022
Kwikset Smart Locks

Reviews – Kwikset Smart Locks with Pictures

Kwikset’s smart locks, such as the Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi lock, compete well against Schlage and Yale, but it stands out for being more affordable overall. Naturally, this means that Kwikset smart locks lack a number of features (like geofencing).

However, Kwikset Smart Locks compensate with innovative features such as SmartKey rekeying and SecureScreen touchscreen keypads on select models. Additionally, we appreciate the aesthetics of these smart locks, which are more striking than the competition. 

See our complete breakdown of Kwikset’s best smart locks to learn why we like them and what we’d like to see improved.

The advantages and disadvantages of Kwikset smart locks


  • It’s simple to assign user codes.
  • Elegant designs.
  • With SmartKey, rekeying is a breeze


  • Halo and Aura have short battery life.
  • Certain locks require intelligent hubs.

Comparability of Kwikset smart locks 

The following are the standard features found on the majority of Kwikset smart locks:

  • All smart locks require batteries; Kwikset’s preferred tool is four AA batteries. These are enclosed (hence the bulky appearance) on the inside of your door. However, the Wi-Fi (Halo) and Bluetooth (Aura) locks’ batteries do not last as long as the HomeKit, Z-Wave, or Zigbee models.
  • Controls via mobile app: All of Kwikset smart lock manuals are controlled via a mobile app, though the app varies depending on the smart home platform being used and the presence of a smart hub.
  • Automatic locking: When you unlock the lock, it automatically relocks after 30 seconds. This setting is disabled by default but is easily enabled by following the instructions in the user manual. 
  • Kwikset smart locks feature a robust construction that protects against lockpicking and physical attacks. This puts the product on par with Yale smart locks but typically falls short of Schlage’s strength.
  •  Keypads and backup keys: In addition to opening the door via a smartphone app, Kwikset smart locks can be unlocked using a PIN code or backup key. While the majority of models include both a keypad and a keyhole, some, such as the Obsidian and the Halo Touch, only have one.
  • Installation: A Kwikset smart locks can be installed in about 20 minutes or less with a simple screwdriver—no drilling or complicated wiring is required.

Except for the Obsidian, which lacks a keyhole, you can rekey your locks using a special tool. This is the most convenient option for homeowners who wish to retain their existing house keys while upgrading to smart locks. You will not be required to purchase new copies of your keys or to place a custom order for “keyed-alike” locks.


Kwikset Halo

Overall the best

The Kwikset Halo smart lock is a Wi-Fi smart lock that can be controlled via your smartphone without the need for an additional smart hub. As a result, Halo is the only Kwikset lock series that includes remote access as standard. We adore the fact that you can create up to 250 codes and schedule them for specific users.

The Halo is the pinnacle of Kwikset’s feature set and the company’s only lock that works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Without reaching for your phone, these voice assistants enable you to lock and unlock (using a spoken PIN code). Additionally, we appreciate its sleek design and backup key.

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However, even the most advanced smart locks have drawbacks. According to user feedback, Halo consumes four AA batteries every 3–4 months. This is unsurprising given the low battery life of the majority of Wi-Fi locks. By comparison, a typical Z-Wave smart lock has a lifespan of six to twelve months. While the Kwikset Halo smart lock is the best option from this manufacturer overall, we believe the Schlage Encode and August Smart Lock are superior Wi-Fi locks. 


Kwikset Aura 

The best value for money

For roughly half the price of the Halo, the Kwikset Aura communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The best part is that it offers nearly identical functionality. It replaces the touchscreen with a keypad with rubber buttons but still looks great on any door.

Regrettably, Bluetooth has a shorter range (approximately 100 feet) and does not communicate with the internet. This means that Aura does not support remote access or smart home integration. Despite its lack of features, it’s a surprisingly useful lock for the majority of people, as you can still create and schedule visitor codes. Kwikset smart lock reset code facility adds value to it.

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One feature in common with Halo that we dislike is the device’s short battery life, which lasts only a few months before requiring replacement batteries. We like the Kwikset Aura as a solid budget smart lock in general, but it faces stiff competition. While the Wyze Smart Lock is less expensive and includes remote access, the Kwikset Aura has a more attractive keypad and overall design.


Smart Code 916 Kwikset

The optimal solution for smart hubs

If everyone had smart hubs, the Kwikset SmartCode 916 would almost certainly beat out the Halo as our top pick. This Z-Wave (or Zigbee) smart lock consumes significantly less battery power than Halo’s energy-guzzling Wi-Fi. It’s also a bit more svelte, with a uniformly flat touchscreen keypad rather than the Halo’s beveled sides. Kwikset smart lock reset code option is also outstanding.

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However, you must purchase a third-party smart hub to fully utilize this lock’s capabilities, which brings the price close to or above the Halo. And, while the majority of smart hubs allow for the customization of PIN codes, it’s difficult to predict whether those hubs also allow for user scheduling. We’re not sure whether the additional effort is worthwhile for those who do not already use a smart home system such as Samsung SmartThings.

While we appreciate the Kwikset SmartCode 916’s smart home potential, it falls short of offering much to those with a casual interest in smart home technology.


Halo Touch by Kwikset

The most effective fingerprint  Kwikset smart locks

The Kwikset Halo Touch smart lock is the company’s newest design and the first to include a fingerprint sensor for quick unlocking. The fingerprint sensor was lightning fast and simple to use during our testing of this lock—plus, it’s a bit more secure than a keypad. We like that the system supports up to 50 users and stores up to 100 fingerprints.

As with the original Kwikset Halo smart lock, it communicates with your phone via Wi-Fi. This has the same advantages (remote access and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant) and disadvantages as the previous method (poor battery life and a higher price).

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While we appreciate the fingerprint sensor, it is inconvenient for guests who do not already have a fingerprint in the system, which is why it is not higher on our list. The app refused to cooperate during setup, and we were forced to perform a factory reset (never a good sign). The setup took approximately 45 minutes in total, more than twice as long as it would have taken with another door lock.

There were no issues following the setup. While gardening in the backyard, it was convenient to lock the door and leave our keys inside the house. In general, the Halo Touch is an excellent option for a fingerprint smart lock, albeit a little pricey.


How we conducted our review of Kwikset smart locks?

We’ve tested a variety of Kwikset smart lock manuals over the years, including the Kevo, Obsidian, Premis, and SmartCode 916, and have a firm grasp on how these deadbolts perform. However, we are not satisfied with past experiences, and thus conducted a test of the new Halo Touch for this review.

For our Halo Touch review, we considered the lock’s value for money, which features we found most useful, the length and complexity of the installation, and our overall impression of the lock after a few days of use.

We ranked these locks based on our experiences with them and a healthy dose of research into online customer reviews.

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