May 20, 2022
Kitchen Vent Hood

Best Kitchen Vent Hood with Pictures

While kitchen vent hoods are not a necessary kitchen item like smart thermostats, they are frequently worth their weight in gold, especially for homes that cook frequently. While they come in a variety of shapes and function differently, they all serve the same purpose of removing smoke, heat, aromas, and other particles from the air above your gas or electric stove while you cook. Numerous models include integrated lighting to illuminate your workstation. The majority of kitchen vent hoods operate in one of two ways: To begin, there are ducted types that direct air to the exterior of your house, whereas ductless units run air through a filter to remove particulates before returning clean air to your kitchen. There are several kitchen vent hoods to pick from regardless of your kitchen style or budget, and you’ll be really grateful to have one if you unintentionally burn your meal. Let’s take a look.

Outstanding Kitchen Vent Hoods

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Viking RVCH336SS Convertible Kitchen Vent Hood

Although there are range hoods on the market with a greater CFM rating, the Viking Kitchen Vent Hood wins best overall for achieving a balance between elegant style and performance. This chimney-style wall-mounted hood provides reversible venting and additional convenience features. To begin, this range hood features variable speeds, allowing you to precisely manage the amount of venting required for a burned egg or seared scallops. There is a heat sensor that will activate the hood automatically if the kitchen becomes too hot, as well as a delay option that allows you to programme when the hood should shut off. Viking does provide a charcoal filter kit as an alternative if your air needs additional cleansing. Features
  • Halogen headlamps are present for improved visibility and efficiency.
  • Dimmer switches on lights provide customized illumination – a separate on/off switch enables consumers to leave the dimmer in their preferred setting.
  • When cooking temperatures reach uncomfortably high levels, the heat sensor activates the ventilator at full power.
  • The delay option enables the user to programme the ventilator to shut off automatically between 10 and 30 minutes later.
  • If external ducting is not desired, a recirculating kit with air-purifying charcoal filters is available and sold separately.
  • Comes with optimal specifications for retrofitting older, traditional-style hoods with little cabinet modification.

Hauslane PS38 Pro Under Cabinet Kitchen Vent Hood

Rather than installing your range hood on the wall, you may conceal your kitchen air vent behind your cabinets. As with wall-mounted hoods, they are available in ducted or ductless configurations, as well as convertible configurations. You won’t have to worry about sucking up oil particles with this model since it features an inner steam cleaning function that dissolves grease within the hood. This aids in extending the life and efficiency of the motors by preventing them from becoming caked in grease. Features
  • Suck away offensive aromas and hazardous gases with this kitchen vent hood powered by two motors. This model is designed for home chefs and supports high-performance cooking methods such as boiling, steaming, poaching, braising, frying, searing, and sauteing.
  • The majority of cabinet range hoods are incapable of capturing cooking fumes emanating from your front burners. However, with Hauslane’s patented panel design, you can trap smoke from any direction.
  • This kitchen air vent features a six-speed motor. Whether you’re looking for quiet operations or heavy-duty cooking, this has got you covered.
  • With the steam clean function, convert water to steam to dissolve even the coldest, oldest oil. Once the grease has dissolved, the machine sprays water to completely clean the range hood.
  • The brilliant LED lights with GU10 base conserve energy without sacrificing light output. In comparison to other kitchen hoods, you are not required to request replacement bulbs from the manufacturer. GU10 bulbs are readily available at any local hardware shop, allowing you to customize the light hue to match your kitchen.

BROAN NuTone BCSQ130SS Kitchen Vent Hood

If you’re searching for a strong yet silent outdoor kitchen vent hood, the Broan-NuTone Glacier is the one for you. The glossy hood under the cabinet is flexible and has a high airflow of 375 CFM. When you turn on the kitchen vent fan to get rid of the typical cooking odour, it works in one of the quietest settings available, which means you can leave it on while eating and avoid shouting during your dinner. Features
  • Fits neatly beneath cabinets to provide a complete solution for your kitchen ventilation needs by incorporating both a kitchen vent fan and an overhead light.
  • The Captur system delivers the MAX 375 CFM and 5.5 Sones of airflow to quickly remove 97.4 percent of smoke and cooking odors, and a 3-speed push-button controller allows for quick adjustment.
  • Equipped with a bright, durable LED module that evenly illuminates your cooking area and is easily adjusted with a push button.
  • It has dual open mesh filters for easy oil collection.
  • Incorporates a 3.25 “x 10” straight or horizontal ducting with damper, 7 “circular ducting straight (damper provided separately), or un-ducted by air circulation (filter sold separately).

36-inch Island 700 CFM Kitchen Ceiling Vent

Because your kitchen is the focal point of the house, it demands an equally attractive outdoor kitchen vent hood. Additionally, it requires a robust range hood to prevent odiferous particles from drifting around the kitchen. It is both sleek and strong, with a glass visor and three fan speeds. With a maximum airflow of 700 CFM, it can manage even the largest special-occasion dinners or when you burn the toast accidentally. Permanent stainless-steel filters are dishwasher safe, and the unit may be changed to ductless operation. Features
  • Add a modern or professional appearance to your kitchen with this 36-inch kitchen ceiling vent and tempered glass range hood.
  • With a maximum airflow of 700 CFM and a noise level of less than 65dB at high speed, this kitchen exhaust hood ensures a comfortable cooking experience.
  • With an extendable chimney that can reach a ceiling height of 7.5′ to 9.5′, a 6-inch diameter ducting kit and a handy exterior vent, this range hood provides a clean, fresh kitchen environment.
  • This vent hood is constructed of brushed stainless steel and tempered glass and features four brilliant LED lights and two replaceable filters. Panel control through push buttons for simple and convenient use.
  • 35.2″ (W) × 23.6″ (L) 25.8″-42.1″ (adjustable height). Prong plug, instructions, hardware, and air backdraft damper are all included in the package.


Without proper ventilation of the kitchen, smoke, odours, and oils produced in cooking will remain in your kitchen, which can cause not only bad odour and bad air quality, but also in an oil-splattered cooking station. Putting one of these best kitchen vent hoods can help to draw out cooking oil and heat — and then filter and recirculate or remove it completely from your home.


How to clean kitchen hood vent?

You’ll need water and baking soda regardless of whether your range hood has mesh filters or baffle (stainless steel) filters. Soak the filters in a solution of warm water, soap, and baking soda and then brush them clean. Many of these items can also be placed in the dishwasher, although this should be done sparingly. In any case, allow them to thoroughly dry before reinstalling them in the hood.

Do I need a vent hood for outdoor kitchen?

If you want your kitchen to be a location where you can eat wonderful meals and mingle with friends, you must first guarantee that it is a safe space for everyone. You may have guests with respiratory difficulties such as asthma or a family history of lung troubles – and smoking and other toxins are not going to help them. A kitchen vent hood is critical if your kitchen is located in a tiny or confined space. Smoke may easily accumulate in compact areas, so it’s important to invest in the best kitchen vent hood to keep the area clean.

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