May 20, 2022
Ecobee Thermostat

Reviews – Ecobee Thermostat For Home with Pictures 

With many parts of the United States suffering their coldest winter in years, it’s time to consider adding a smart thermostat such as that of Ecobee thermostat to your home’s arsenal. Installing one will have a significant impact on not just your home’s comfort level, but also on your household budget. According to the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling your home accounts for about half of the average home’s power expenditures.

A programmable thermostat, like that of Ecobee thermostat, can help you save money by activating your HVAC system when you anticipate being home and deactivating it when you anticipate not requiring indoor climate control. A smart thermostat does much more than simply follow a schedule. Not only will it allow you to design more intricate plans for each day of the week, but it will also provide you with complete control over your HVAC system while you are away from home. 

Ecobee thermostats are the best on the market today. The new model builds on the success of the previous model, which was also really well done. Numerous other smart thermostats rely on a single point of measurement to determine the temperature in a home: the location of the thermostat. The issue is that this location is frequently located in a hallway or another area where you spend very little time.

Ecobee thermostat enables you to install multi-purpose sensors around your home, ensuring that the rooms you’re in are the ones that your thermostat advises your HVAC system to heat or cool to maintain your comfort.

The best Ecobee thermostats are listed below. 

Top Ecobee Smart Thermostats 2022

Ecobee Thermostat 1

Ecobee4 Intelligent Thermostat


  • A wide variety of applications and controls are supported.
  • PEK was included.
  • Sensor of Occupancy and pre-set adjusting possibilities.


  • Adjustment of the voice controls is not possible.

The Ecobee 4 Thermostat surpasses its predecessor, the Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat, by making energy conservation even easier and more efficient. It includes temperature, humidity, occupancy, and even proximity sensors that adjust the temperature automatically to your preferences.

With the ability to double as an Amazon Alexa speaker and support for Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings, the Ecobee 4 thermostat provides practically everything you need in a compact touch display thermostat that can be simply managed through voice, phone, or web app. Thus, with all of this, as well as an included PEK (Power Extender Kit) for setup, the Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat is something that many of you will find well worth the price.


With a variety of sensors ranging from remote temperature and proximity sensors to humidity and occupancy sensors, this Ecobee thermostat ensures that you have the greatest possible environment at home while also saving money through the use of the appropriate modifications at the appropriate times. Not to worry, because, unlike some other smart thermostats, the Ecobee4 will not set your room temperature to freezing cold or sweaty hot in the middle of the night. The additional remote sensors, which may be put in various rooms away from the thermostat, will take your presence and a variety of other factors into account before transmitting data to the thermostat through WiFi. 

While these automated temperature changes are available, you may also control your smart home while away from home using the included phone and web apps. Additionally, bear in mind that you may programme the thermostat with ‘Home’, ‘Away’, and ‘Sleep’ schedules to maintain a consistent temperature in your home regardless of the time of day.

Finally, you’ll be pleased to learn that, while the Ecobee4 requires a C-Wire to operate, with the addition of the PEK(Power Extender Kit), it can be simply configured without requiring you to rewire your home’s HVAC system. And, while you can install it yourself using some instructions, if this is your home’s first thermostat, having a professional assist with the wiring may be more convenient. After that, simply connect it to your home’s WiFi and you’ll have a cleverly controlled environment.

Ecobee 5 Smart Thermostat


  • A more effective speaker.
  • Alexa is fully supported in this Ecobee thermostat.
  • Remote sensors have been enhanced.
  • Compatible with Spotify.


  • Large.
  • Bezel is quite large.
  • Not as aesthetically pleasing as Nest thermostats.

As is the case with the majority of third-party Alexa devices, the Ecobee4 lacked functionality for Alexa calling, messaging, and Drop-In. However, the new Ecobee SmartThermostat incorporates all of those capabilities. That is a significant enhancement, as it will make this device more useful when summoning the family for dinner.


While the new Ecobee 5 thermostat’s face is made of glass rather than plastic, the design is consistent with previous models: a square with rounded sides and a rectangle touch screen in the centre.

The new sensor in Ecobee 5 thermostat, which includes one with the SmartThermostat, features a slightly smaller design, increased battery life (up to five years, thanks to a significantly larger battery), and a longer range (up to 60 feet from the thermostat).  Since the introduction of the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, the business has expanded its services to include the Ecobee SmartCamera, a home security camera equipped with Alexa. The SmartCamera features a 180-degree field of vision, digital zoom, and the ability to follow individuals.

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat can be linked in a variety of ways with the camera. To begin, the camera incorporates a thermometer, allowing it to function as a remote sensor for the thermostat. Ecobee thermostat, like Nest, employs sensors in its thermostat to determine whether or not you’re home and then adjusts the temperature accordingly. 


When it comes to offering a robust feature set and an easy-to-use interface on a budget, the Ecobee thermostat continues to be the market leader among smart thermostat options. With years of experience behind it, it’s an excellent pick for anyone wishing to begin or expand their smart home experience.

The latest Ecobee Smart Thermostat pro builds on previous generations’ best features and adds new ones, such as complete capability of the built-in Alexa voice assistant, making it the ideal and smart Ecobee thermostat for your needs.


How to use Ecobee thermostat?

On the right-hand side of the Ecobee thermostat’s home screen, a slider operates like a “thumb wheel,” allowing you to adjust your favorite temperature by a few degrees. While first cumbersome, it took no more than two or three attempts to get used to the movements.

Manual temperature adjustments performed via the Ecobee app, Assistant or the touch interface will remain in function until the next planned period. This can be changed in the settings to hold for a specified amount of time or until manually changed again. If you make consistent adjustments to the temperature, Ecobee thermostat will notice and recommend a different default temperature for your schedule.

While the touch-enabled interface is attractive, until you move within range, you’ll see a deceptively simple screensaver that displays the current time, inside temperature, and a quick look at the weather. While the majority of this information is accessible via a smart display or even my phone, there is something strangely comforting about having it passively visible at eye level.

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