May 20, 2022
August Smart Locks

August Smart Locks: Ultimate guide

Leaving your home for an extended period of time can be stressful. Whether it’s a day trip or a week-long vacation, an empty home can appear to most robbers and burglars to be a prime target. Thus, how can you ensure yourself at the very least some measure of tranquility?

August smart lock is the ideal way to ensure that your home is secure regardless of your location. We’ve outlined three advantages of this innovative technology below, along with how they’ll alleviate stress and worry as you prepare for your next trip.


Benefits of August smart Locks

There Will Be No More Arguing Over Keys

Smart locks eliminate one of the most inconvenient aspects of home security. They not only offer superior security but also eliminate the need to fumble and search for your house keys. You won’t need to find or lend a physical key to friends to check on your house while you’re away.

Using a passcode ensures that no stray key falls into the wrong hands. Additionally, there will be no more frantic searching in the dark for a key, making returning home at night a safer and more efficient process.


Accurately Time the Opening and Closing of Your Doors

When friends visit to check on your pets or water your plants, you can provide them with their own unique passcodes. You’ll always know who is entering your home, and you can receive notifications via phone or email whenever doors are opened or closed.

Even if you’re not at work or out and about, this is an excellent way to monitor when your children return home from school or if anyone attempts to break in. If you are at home, your smart locks can also notify you when guests arrive for a party or dinner that you are hosting.


An All-Inclusive Lock for Any and Every Door

Interior smart door locks are also available if you have a wine cabinet or a gun room that you want to secure to ensure that only authorized individuals have access. You can rest assured that only those with the passcode will be able to unlock them.

You can now relax knowing that your outdoor and indoor areas are secure. There are numerous sizes and styles available, as well as various types of doorknobs and handles, to complement or blend seamlessly with your existing décor.


Best August smart locks

Here we have compiled for you the best August door lock, August WiFi smart lock, etc for you to choose from.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Gen)

Most recent August WiFi smart lock

Even if you’re not particularly handy, installation takes less than ten minutes. August locks are designed to fit perfectly over the majority of single-cylinder deadbolts and are only slightly larger than the original thumbturn.

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Features of this August smart lock:

Compatible with your smart home: With built-in Wi-Fi, your lock can communicate with your preferred voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, or Samsung SmartThings.

Maintain your home’s curb appeal: Add smart lock functionality without altering the appearance of your front door’s exterior. August smart locks are installed on the inside of the door, which means that your front door’s design does not need to change.

For added security, use a face or fingerprint ID: Utilize the biometric recognition capabilities of your phone for two-factor authentication (optional).


August Statin Nickle August smart lock

Popular August WiFi smart lock

This August smart lock Connect includes a Wi-Fi bridge, enabling voice integration and remote access out of the box.

Maintain your current lock and keys. Attach it directly to the existing deadbolt on the inside of the door. It can be installed in less than ten minutes using only a screwdriver.

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Features of this August smart lock

Only August locks includes Door Sense, a sensor that indicates whether your door is securely closed or if it has been left open.

The door automatically unlocks upon your arrival. Never again will you have to fumble for keys, shopping, bags, or children when unlocking the door agaInches auto-lock can be programmed to automatically lock as the door closes.

Verification of Biometric Information Opts in to use your smartphone’s fingerprint or facial recognition to verify your identity before remotely operating your lock.


August smart lock pro

Top Rated August WiFi smart lock

August’s simple-to-use app indeed is a game changer. The software allows you to connect the devices so that when you receive a warning that someone is at the door, you may push a button to automatically unlock it for them. Unlocking takes a few seconds, but appeared quick enough to me, and took less time than getting off the couch and unlocking the door would.

While the lock screen is exceedingly simple — a massive round button that glows red when the door is closed and green when it is open — the Guest List and Settings screens are where the magic happens.

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Features of this August smart lock:

Apart from minor adjustments such as altering the lock’s name, disabling the lock’s locking and unlocking noises, and resetting the lock to factory defaults, here’s everything you’ll find in the settings.

Smart alerts: Would you like to be notified when a certain individual locks or unlocks a door, or when it is left ajar? This can be accomplished through the use of smart alerts.

Auto-Unlock: This feature, which is rather well constructed, automatically unlocks the door for you. When you leave your house (with your phone, of course) and travel a few hundred yards, your lock enters Away mode, which simply means it is waiting for you to return. Once you return to your lock’s Bluetooth range, it unlocks for you and returns to Home mode until you leave again. This feature works fine, however I had to increase the time that Auto-Lock waits before re-locking the door from one to three minutes, because the door would occasionally auto-unlock as I came into the driveway, but then re-lock as I approached the door.

HomeKit Settings: This section allows you to link the lock to Apple HomeKit and assign it to a certain HomeKit house or room.

Z-Wave Settings: This section enables the lock to communicate with a Z-Wave hub through the Z-Wave Pro S2 protocol.

Calibrate Lock: If your lock is not completely rotating the deadbolt, you can calibrate it here, but you probably won’t need to. From the initial calibration process on, my lock operated wonderfully.



How to install August smart lock?

Here is a tutorial for:

How to connect August smart lock to Alexa?

Follow this step-by-step guide:

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